Digital Diary App
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Digital Diary App

Digital Diary App

In this mobile friendly world, everyone wish to have an application to keep all their necessary information on their mobile device only. Digital Diary App is a very basic application that will allow you to keep all your important information safe. This app helps you organize all your ideas and information in your phone. The app is available on both Android and iOS Platform. The app lets you send your notes to your email account. Also you can share notes on cloud that makes your notes are accessible from almost any device in the world. You can synchronize notes with your Google Drive or any other cloud services.

The app lets you store your friend’s information like their name, addresses, DOB, Mobile, Age, Anniversary date and Images in your records. Also you can store your bank account Information like name on the account, account number, name of the bank, Bank Address etc. This app let you share your friend’s information via email with other persons. You can set reminders of your love one’s, important meetings, your friend’s birthday and anniversary. 


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