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Do your Business need Chatbot?

In the world of high competition, businesses are trying to innovate their customer experience by implementing and using the latest technology trends. From manual management of customer inquiries to live chat support, we are now moving to replace humans with AI chatbots. Chatbots are more intelligent live assistant which makes use of text, image and voice inputs from human and respond to them with relevant information which a customer is searching for. By acting as the first interlocutor, this automated chat agent helps in handling live customers queries, give timely response and hence reduce manpower. Chatbots are being made to mitigate the pain that the industries are facing today in deployment & management of the operations team and increasing operational cost. AI agents are more like our personal assistants who understand human entered content, remember our likes/dislikes and never tend to disappoint as it keeps on learning the data. Today’s chatbots not only reply with text but with multimedia messages like images, videos, etc. Chatbots are rapidly becoming a business imperative for organizations that want to engage with their customers more effectively.


Following will explain the need to replace conventional customer support methods with intelligent AI agents:

1. Travel & Hospitality Related Businesses

Most travel companies are using the bots to help people plan, bookings and what they can do on a trip away. This will include booking restaurants & reserving places on excursions and activities.

2. Need in Telecom Industry

In the telecom industry, chatbot increases operational efficiency and improves customer engagement. Chatbots are available 24*7 to provide a positive experience to the customers which will build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

3. Retail & Ecommerce Online Stores

Beauty & fashion is a good example in this sector. For example, clothing brands use them on their sites to ask customers about their style preferences, or what items they are looking for. Some beauty brands have started offering customer tutorials with tips, to match the looks they want to attain.

4. Pharma & Healthcare Sectors

Bots are applied in healthcare as patient engagement, population health management, and care coordination, expediting triaging patients, and research. They can schedule appointments, used for patient engagement or we can say useful for sending reminders to the patients.

5. Assistance in BFSI (Banking, Financial Service & Insurance)

Chatbots also perform tasks for banks like contract review & analysis, employee engagement, IT ticketing, parse messages, and password management. Bot has collated a lot of more detailed, use cases that can empower the banking and finance industries. For example, a customer wants to know about the loan eligibility and the amount, the bot will automatically calculate and show the data in a detailed manner. They can handle multiple queries simultaneously.AI agents are helping banks to save up-front costs.

6. Automating Airline Industry

Travel bots used by the airline industries are deployed to send announcements, for facilitate web check-ins, ticketing, personalized search, and purchases, provide flight options and make other travel arrangements.

To conclude, we will state that all major businesses must use bot. Through AI agents, customer satisfaction will increase the productivity of any organization. Our company provides a chatbot system with 100+ integrations and will allow you to create robust and logical systems that meet business and customer needs. Using chatbot our clients have increased their business by integrating them into their platform. Build a bot for your business today with us. Get in touch with GirnarSoft to discuss more.

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