Application & Web Servers
We are one of the most dependable companies that provide both application and web servers support and other development services.

Application & Web Servers

Application and web servers are one of the most important aspects of the web presence of any company on the internet. Though ideally, application and web servers are completely different in every aspect, they must work in a co-ordinated fashion and combined way to yield the best results. The Application server may be defined as a software engine, which delivers various applications to another device.

Generally, this kind of setup allows running of software, off the same machine, to anyone who is logged into the network. The web server may be a computer program or a computer running a program. The HTTP requests from clients are accepted by the program and serve them back with HTTP responses. Generally, these requests are responded by data contents with web pages like html documents and other linked objects.

We are one of the most dependable companies that provide both application and web servers support and other development services. We have a team of experts who are highly capable and trained in handling different application and web server platforms. We work across Apache, Windows based Apache, IIS, ISAP, CGI, and other web servers including static ones and develop some of the most complete web server application to meet all your needs.

We also have a comprehensive package to make your web presence a complete 360 degrees affair. We use content management services, and customer relationship management applications integrated with your web pages and applications. We also integrate them with your social networking pages and make them accessible from all possible platforms. The application and web servers are moderated and can be accessed from a variety of computer and mobile platforms.

We have the best experts who fine tune all our web server applications for the best performance. Moreover, we customise application and web server platforms to suit your need and also provide a number of analysis applications to understand user dynamics and much more. All our expertise comes at the most affordable prices and we also offer round-the-clock technical support and service.

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