Cardekho has acquired top ranking as an authoritative source of information on cars in India

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About is one of India's leading auto portals and is a fully owned subsidiary of GirnarSoft, which owns popular portals like, and among others. In a period of nearly 6 years, Cardekho has acquired top ranking as an authoritative source of information on cars in India. GirnarSoft is a leading IT and ITES solutions company which owns and operates this portal, one of its flagship ventures.

As the name indicates, the site is all about cars, of literally all genres, that are available in India. The booming auto sector and Cardekho's excellent User Experience has led to an avalanche of auto enthusiasts visiting the site for authentic information about cars of their choice. The site offers information on every possible detail and specification as well as performance metrics of cars, including price in various Indian cities. It is one of the most complete car review and information sites for car fanatics not only in India but also internationally.

The Challenge

The main challenge for the site was not just to rank among the top car sites in the popular search engines but also to win market confidence as an authentic source of information on cars. This objective was achieved by establishing a highly effective User Experience to compliment the high quality information that the site offered on cars. Cardekho faced stiff competition from other sites in the top bracket with wide and in-depth variety of information about cars available in India or those that is going to be launched soon.

Further information about car insurance and loan products from banks to help customers buy the car of their dreams, is an area where top players in the niche are battling hard. To sustain it's lead, Cardekho will also have to dominate this niche and ensure that customers get all they want. With reviews from real users and also from automobile experts, the review section is what readers really look forward to and helps the site strike a chord with its visitors. Therefore, the site also needed to be extremely user-friendly and be well thought of, to ensure visitors remained as long as they didn't get all the information they wanted.

The Solution

One of the major makeovers and inputs in the site was well targeted keywords and their use. High quality keywords and proper Adwords conversion tracking were implemented along with extremely well designed content. Moreover, using a number of web technologies and social media integration in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among others, the site was promoted well and among the right audience. The site was made available on mobile and a variety of handheld devices, which incidentally has become one of the major instruments for accessing the internet and its information. The overall information and carefully designed content has made Cardekho one of the most popular portals on cars not only in the Indian subcontinent, but also across the world. Car lovers can check out almost every aspect of a car or even compare cars based on price, performance and other criterion.


With all these improvements and other initiatives that were implemented, Cardekho has become one of the most visited car sites across the Indian subcontinent as well as internationally. The numbers of visitors and page views have been steadily rising along with search engine rankings. Cardekho enjoys huge popularity and rave reviews among car-lovers and enthusiasts and was voted Website of the Year in 2012 for the most comprehensive and authentic content.

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