BikeDekho has a three-month global world traffic rank of 19,336.

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About is one of the leading bike portals in India. This information site not only has a huge following in India, but is also favored by some of the neighboring countries. The site aims at providing a 360 degree view of the most popular and even some of the rare bikes available in India and around the world. The site is not only aimed at providing consumers an all-round view of bikes, in every aspect. The site also provides reviews from real life users and also from bike experts.

The major reason for the initial difficulties of the site was low quality keywords and high cost per click, as well as improper Adwords conversion tracking. Our experts not only corrected these errors, they also took some more steps, which resulted in the site being one of the top sites ranked by search engines. The number of visitors has grown by leaps and boasts of visitors from other countries as well; the numbers are still growing.

Performance & Headlines:
  •   Designing

  •   Buy and Sell Bike online

  •   Engine and Performance

  •   Braking and handling

  •   Many key phrases.

  •   Safety features 

Technologies used:
  •   PHP

  •   Drupal

  •   JQuery

  •   HTML5

  •   CSS

  •   JavaScript

  •   Google Analytics & Adsense

  •   Social Integration

  •   RSS feed

Reviews & Rating:
  • The half yearly growth rate of our portal  is about 9.6%.

  • There are almost 7459 reviews for our BikeDekho portal

  • 97.20% target in every year makes BikeDekho in top 10 listed in google. So it is very fast growing portal according to its reviews.

  • BikeDekho has a three-month global world traffic rank of 19,336. The reason behind this is their stylish, exuberant line up of products in different segments along with their customer centric policies.

  • It has been recorded a sale of 228.738 units from January to June 2012 which is very high compared to 2011 which is 208,288.

  • It has been estimated that from Apr 18, 2013 the daily visitors by country for, is total 3 countries and 20,538 visitors per day.

  • Preventive maintenance of bike is very important. If routinely undertaken, not only     it prolongs the life of the vehicle but also lessens considerably the chances of an unexpected breakdown.

  • BikeDekho is a platform where people find their value for search. BikeDekho is a medium which provides people the tool which is essential so that a customer can make buying decisions. 

  • The BikeDekho website includes features in which customer can see the latest bike, can see the upcoming bike models, popular bikes and lots more.

  • The customer can compare price, mileage, features, model, Specifications, Dimensions and Safety features as well.

  • The site also gives an idea for user to finance a loan for a new bike.

  • The dealer may provide an EMI calculator to calculate their revenues regarding their bike.

  • The user can also sell their used bike in this portal. So the customer need not to compromise anywhere since this portal gives the chance for user to satisfy in all aspects. The user can browse various brands, price, and popular models as well.

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