We have a team of extremely talented and tough task masters in our team of software testing and quality assurance.


Also described as a C++ port of JUnit, CppUnit is actually a Unit testing framework module for the C++ programming language. Released under the GNU lesser general public license, the library can be compiled for a number of or variety of POSIX platforms. This multi platform compilation of the library allows unit-testing of ‘C’ sources and also C++ with minimal modification of the source. XML output reports compatible with continuous integration reporting systems is for advanced filters available as test result output; the basic results output can be a simple pass or fail count that is printed out.

We have a team of extremely talented and tough task masters in our team of software testing and quality assurance. They are some of the toughest people to please and they perform Unit tests or acceptance tests as well as system tests or integration tests to thoroughly test the application or web page or software for endurance, performance, stability and integrity and their behaviour as an integrated unit.

They CPPUnit test they makes sure that the application or software or web page they are testing, is behaving efficiently and effectively and in a manner they were designed and developed to behave. They perform CppUnit test extremely meticulously for each and every segment of the code and assess their performance and coding among other things. They also customise and use the CppUnit Assert function to test the codes and display results effectively and efficiently.

They also use some other testing programs and some of their customised programs to test all web applications and programming for a complete overview. They also design and develop some of their own testing software and applications and integrate some features of CppUnit testing and CppUnit Assert also. They also run these apps in different environment and also test them with different workload. All these testing gives a complete overview of the tested object/s.

We also offer a number of customised and comprehensive solutions to all your IT related requirements.

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