We have some of the best and most talented developers who know the J2EE and EJB technology and architecture like no other.


Enterprise JavaBeans, also known as EJB, is for modular construction of Enterprise Applications. It is used for modular construction of enterprise applications using the managed server side component architecture of EJB. One of the several Java EE specification, EJB specification is one of the several Java APIs within the JEE specification. The business logic of an application is encapsulated in the server side model of EJB. Persistence, Security and transactional integrity are some of the common yet essential concerns that are handled by EJB technology and EJB middleware design and development.

EJB can also be simply described as a component-based architecture meant for managing reliable enterprise applications and also developing and deploying them in production environment. EJC Technology and architecture is at the core of J2EE or the Java Enterprise Edition. Web based enterprise applications for both intranet and the internet is supported and can be developed using both J2EE and EJB architecture and EJB technology.

EJB middleware is based on EJB architecture and EJB technology that makes it one of the most secure and stable technology for web-based and other enterprise applications. Our team of developers are extremely talented and gifted programmers who design and develop applications custom made for all business needs. The applications are not only safe and secure, they are also easy to use and always generate a positive impact on the user's mind.

We have some of the best and most talented developers who know the J2EE and EJB technology and architecture like no other. They design and develop some of the best EJB middleware which are clean and easy to maintain. They are easy to handle and maintain also. We use both the sessions beans and message driven beans to develop and customise applications to meet your requirements. We deliver the best and nothing but the best at the most affordable prices. We also stand by our products and provide support and service for an extended period of time.


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