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We are one of most trusted and reported SEO companies. . We have dedicated experts for Google Analytics Event Tracking

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service which can generate detailed statistics about the traffic and sources of traffic for a website and it also measures conversions and sales. This analytical tool is very easy to use and can also act as an analytical tool for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as well as analytical marketing purposes.

Google analytics can actually collect a huge amount of data and they may vary in a number of ways. All such data can be analysed using Google Analytics and used for important business related decisions. Google Analytics is presently the most widely used web analytics service.

We are one of most trusted and reported SEO companies. We not only take steps to build your dedicated web pages and social networking pages but also design and develop polls and other interactive applications that help analyse customer trends, preference and a lot more. We integrate all these social pages as well as your web pages and other web presence elements with Google analytics. We have dedicated experts for Google Analytics Event Tracking and analysing all data from Google Analytics.

We monitor traffic sources, track keywords driving traffic and use them for SEO purpose in addition to referring sites that redirect quality traffic and also monitor visitors, both new and returning, as well as their behaviour pattern and geographical location among other things. We also monitor a number of other parameters based on which, we suggest the best course of action for your business growth and more.

All these data from Google Analytics and other web analytical tools to calculate and measure your performance  on various social media, helps to understand the reality of how social behaviour impacts on their brands. This also helps them understand and plan better course of action and also further investment and marketing strategies for better return on investment, as well as better brand establishment and brand identity. All this can lead to better brand loyalty and convert into better revenues. Proper use and understanding of Google analytics and statistics can drive your business to better avenues of growth and prosperity.

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