Hospital Management System
Using the latest version of .NET application, the developers have created a framework that can be easily modified and reused.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System
The Hospital management system provides an effective solution to hospitals that plan to reduce the costs of administrative hassles and at the same time, provide better service to their consumers. The most frequent issue faced by all hospitals is to manage the availability of beds for patients, which is a core operational activity. Because of this, emergency room and admission offices are often crowded with patients and their attendants waiting for rooms.
With the collaborative effort of our client’s strategy and our skills, GirnarSoft has invented & designed smart tactical planner, an automated system that forecasts the availability of bed with the help of patented algorithmic approach. GirnarSoft has created the System using latest technology stack such as Microsoft.Net, MS Access, MS SQL and also worked on BI tables in very detailed fashion. The system has various entities that help to manage hospital’s data and its counter parts. GirnarSoft handled this complex real-time system and converted it into a robust automated system.
The basic functionality of Care-Dynamics, desktop application suite includes viewing reports, forecasting data and importing hospital data such as adding new resource, updating details of existing resource and checks the availability of resources. Mapping of hospital data such as Patient Performance Reports is also handled by the system. The system manages hospital data and entire reports section in the form of graphical outputs. With the advent of smart application like care dynamics in healthcare sector, it has now become very easy to manage resources like bed and staff availability their maximum capabilities.


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