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The various offshore IT outsourcing services offered by GirnarSoft include

  • Automobile

    Due to high competition, new products are constantly being created with advanced features and improved functionality. Advanced technology and social media have created a great scale of information.
  • Elearning

    E-learning creates a broad spectrum for the students to have distance mode of education. It provides a platform to acquire knowledge on different subjects and field exploring the information within these web sites.
  • Consultancy

    Consultancy is an extremely specialized business and one of the most demanding businesses as well. Consultancy services are also one of the most popular and fastest growing business domains.
  • Finance

    Finance is the industry that perpetually rules the world. There are a number of finance companies, some of which are known to be the major forces and there are many other small and medium sized companies foraying in the business.
  • Social Networking

    Social networking is a platform that helps businesses to engage their customers. Regardless of the type of industry, kind of services the company provides, or the products it sells, social networking helps to establish the company as a brand in the g
  • Tours and Travel

    The travelling industry is growing at a fast pace. Travelling supports tourism activity across the country, which in turn, help build the economy? According to a research 3.2 million people travel in and around the country every day.
  • Health and Fitness

    With pollution on the rise along with sedentary lifestyle, junk food and many other reasons, the general health across the globe is on the decline. This has boosted the growth of the health and fitness industry and has also opened up new opportunitie
  • Medical

    Medicine and optimising healthcare services is one of the most important need of modern life. Most healthcare institutions lack proper optimisation of their services among other things and this also leads to a huge shortfall in quality health service
  • Job & Career

    Girnar is a comprehensive web technology company. We are not only one of the leading web designing companies but are also one of the most reputed and trusted companies that provide comprehensive IT and ITES solutions for a variety of domains.
  • News & Magazine

    News and magazines together is known to be one of the most important pillars of society. News helps people to stay informed about the most important happenings in and around the world and it also helps to form opinions..
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Fixed-Price Time and Material
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