We have a team of experienced and expert developers who uses IntelliJIDEA to its fullest potential to deliver some of the most stunning results.


IntelliJIDEA is developed by JetBrains. Simply referred to as IDEA or IntelliJ, it is actually a Java IDE or Integrated Development Environment. IntelliJIDEA was initially launched in 2001 and was one of the first available Java Editor and Java IDE. It had advanced code navigation and code refactoring abilities and the newer versions have been integrated with more abilities and applications.

The IntelliJ license is under Apache 2 License community edition and commercial edition. The IntelliJ IDEA supports a wide range of languages and frameworks other than a number of application servers also. It is also supported by a number of software versioning and revision control systems also.

The newest version of IntelliJIDEA is the 12.1. This is one of the best Development tools for Java and some other supported languages also. The faster compiler helps faster building and also offers better user experience than most development tools. The project compilation has a new approach and the application also supports Java 8, with code assistance for new syntax.

The IntelliJIDEA has its enterprise edition that supports Java EE, Google App engine, OSGI and others. It also supports simplified web development with intelligent editors for HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and others and also supports languages with refactoring abilities like PHP, RUBY, JRUBY, PYTHON and so on.

We have a team of experienced and expert developers who uses IntelliJIDEA to its fullest potential to deliver some of the most stunning results. They use the unique structural search and replace facility which is based on regular expressions describing structural Java elements and also use it with application servers like TomCat, GlassFish, Geronimo, Resin and so on for deployment and debugging.

They use the Java editor to its fullest extent and also uses the intelligent code editor and its features completely. They also use it to test and develop some of the most stunning and useful applications. We also use it to develop Google Android applications using its SDK support. They can be customised for open sourcing or proprietary uses. IntelliJ License is easy and flexible, as well as free for open source projects.

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