iOS : Objective C
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iOS : Objective C

iOS: Objective C is an object oriented programming language and is a general purpose primary programming language used for writing softwares or applications for OS X or iOS. Developed in the 1980s by Apple, the IOS: Objective C development was also used to develop NeXT, for NeXTSTEP operating system, the precursor of OS X and iOS. Objective C was highly influenced by C and small talk, and later went on to inspire the development of Java, Objective Java among others.

It is a static, dynamic and weak typing discipline and the last stable release was 2.0 in 2007. It can also be compiled for systems supported by GCC or CLANG for programmes that do not use Cocoa or Cocoa Touch libraries. We are one of the most respected companies with a team of highly trained and talented developers who work with Objective C.

iOS: Objective C is loaded with some outstanding features and characteristics. Its sends messages rather than calling methods. Resolved at runtime, the target and the message is interpreted by the receiving object. Though, the objective C messaging takes a little longer than traditional C++ virtual method, the subsequent operations are carried out faster.

Objective C requires class of implementation and interface to be separately declared by code blocks. Objective C also allows dynamic typing which allows greater flexibility. Static typing information may also be added to variables. Other than these, sending messages to an object that may not respond is also permitted by Objective C. Our developers who work with iOS: Objective C and iOS: Objective C development services are highly experienced and respected in the industry.

Objective C may be described as a superset of C and is an extremely thin layer atop C. One of the interesting features of Objective C is that its compiler can also compile any C programme. Non-object orientation syntax operations are a derivative from C. Small talk messaging can be regarded as the object orientation features’ precursor. IOS: Objective C Development Services is one of the most favoured because of its easy and user-friendly features. We take pride as one of the leaders in iOS: Objective C development companies that have business ties with most of the leading mobile companies around the world.

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