Our programmers and designers are highly talented and creative and can come up with modular and customised designs.


JBoss also known as JBoss AS, actually stands for JavaBeans Open Source Software Application Server. Presently known as WildFly, it is an application server that implements the Java EE or Java Platform Enterprise Edition. Written in Java, JBoss can be used on any Operating System that supports Java. It was renamed for other purposes and is released under GNU lesser general public license. It is a free and open source software and was developed by JBoss a division of Red Hat.

Our experts in web technology and JBoss web servers also make sure that your operational efficiency is increased with reduction in cost. They also design and develop better applications for a positive and rich user experience as well as customise and develop some other monitoring and managing applications for effective and efficient administration.

JBoss application server is also available in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. The JBoss Application Server has been upgraded with bugs being fixed and better coordination for building customised apps. Designed for flexibility, the JBoss application server is also extremely fast and launches most applications instantly.

Our programmers and designers are highly talented and creative and can come up with modular and customised designs. The applications are extremely light in weight, very easy to use and also easy to administer. Strong and strict compliance, as well as stability and security are some of the features of our applications. We also have a quick turnaround time, as well as provide extended support for all our products.

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