Our expert programmers also can also customise and integrate them as plug in with ANT, ECLIPSE and some others.


A unit testing framework, JUnit is focussed on Java programming language. JUnit is one of a family of Unit testing frameworks that are collectively known as xUnit which originated with SUnit. It has been hugely important in the sphere of test driven development. JUnit test fixture is a Java object and test methods can be annoted. ‘First testing and then coding’ has been one of the ideas promoted by JUnit, and emphasis is laid in testing a little and coding a little progressively. This helps our programmers and other programmers around the world to be productive and offers stability of the program code. This also lessens debugging time and also lot of coding and searching time.

JUnit testing is done by unit test, which are small pieces of code for specific functionality in the code for testing. Simply put, unit tests in JUnit testing are codes for testing small units of code, for example a method or a class for both components as well as integration tests. They are aimed at not only testing individual components and also for their performance when integrated with other applications and sets of components. JUnit testing ensures that the codes work the way they are intended to do. They test them from the perspective of the developer and the user also.

Our expert programmers also can also customise and integrate them as plug in with ANT, ECLIPSE and some others. We also provide testing services using JUnit testing and JUnit test Suite for corporate requirements and offer comprehensive services for all IT related requirements.

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