Microsoft ASP.NET
We have the most talented designers and programmers who can build custom controls for your ASP.NET applications.

Microsoft ASP.NET

ASP.NET is designed by Microsoft and it is a server side web application framework. It was designed for web developers and encourage building dynamic web pages. Programmers can build dynamic web sites and web services as well as web applications using the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. The Microsoft ASP.NET is built on CLR or Common Language Runtime. This allows programmers to write ASP.NET codes using any .NET supported language. SOAP messages can also be processed by ASP.Net components due to the Microsoft ASP.NET SOAP extension framework.

Also known as web forms that remain contained within ‘.aspx’ extension files containing static XHTML markup and server side web controls as well as user controls, Microsoft ASP.NET usually forms the main building blocks for application development. Our developers and programmers use the most common web development techniques and the code-behind model to make some of the most inspiring and useful applications.

We have the most talented designers and programmers who can build custom controls for your ASP.NET applications. Using the DLL files, our programmers develop and deploy such custom controls across multiple web applications as well as VB projects.

Using stateless HTTP protocol, ASP.NET applications are accessed and they are hosted by a web server. For stateful interaction, the application has to implement state management on its own. The sessions state and other finer details of the Microsoft ASP.NET applications are fine tuned and customised by the programmers as per the need of the pages and business as a whole. We offer a number of other customised applications and web upgradations that you can also use in your .NET Web Host server integrating seamlessly.

We also offer web server services and our servers support the latest web stack from Microsoft. We have .NET Web hosting services along with other services and we offer the most competitive prices as your .NET web Host, or any other web host. We offer control panel, huge storage space, extended bandwidth and also site lock for securing your business site. We also offer comprehensive IT solutions tailor made for you.

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