We provide expert services for fine tuning your database for better performance and best configuration too.


MYSQL is also lovingly known as ‘My Sequel’ and is a relational database management system or a RDBMS. It is open source and allows multiple users to access a number of databases acting as a server. MySQL database is one of the most preferred database choices for web application uses. Most free softwares of open source origin that require full feature database management systems, often use MYSQL database management system.

MYSQL is used by some of the most used websites that include Google, Wiki, Twitter, and some of the most popular applications like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal also use MYSQL database management for their backend. MYSQL is also a key part of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/PERL/PYTHON open source software stack also known as LAMP.

We are a full service data management and hosting company with some other IT services also. We not only provide support for database management softwares but also offer MYSQL database implementation as well as implementation of Oracle, Microsoft SQL server among others. We also offer our support and expertise for a number of versions and also offer upgradation facilities.

Be it a standalone or clustered database, active or passive configurations, we will support you in all possible ways and situations. We have the most dedicated professionals, who are masters in MYSQL database management system as well as other database management systems. They not only provide database architecture but also provide design support for database implementation.

We provide expert services for fine tuning your database for better performance and best configuration too. Other than installing and configuring, our developers and programmers also configure and customise them according to the requirement of the business. We also offer integration of CMS and CRM and connect them with your database management system in addition to offering a number of application and analysis tools that will help you understand your data and their implications.

We offer customised interfaces for your MYSQL database management system. We also have round-the-clock support and trouble-shooting services for all your IT needs. We also schedule, plan, coordinate and test your existing database for performance and also carry out future database upgrades in addition to offering our expertise and other services at the most affordable prices.

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