We use QuickTesting Professional tools not only for its reliability but also for its detail report.


A widely used solution for functional test and regression test automation, QTP or Quick Test Professional is one of best testing tools. Used for various automation of functional and regression tests for a range of various software applications and environment, Quick Test Professional is an extremely dependable and trusted software and application testing tool. The tests for both regression and function are performed through a user interface which can be a web interface or even a native GUI. The test procedures and control of objects or of the applications being tested can be manipulated using VB Scripting. Non-UI based test cases including file system operations, web services testing and even database testing can be performed using this software including the UI based test case automation.< /p>

At GirnarSoft we use QTP not only for its reliability but also for its detail report. We have the most talented team of programmers and testing experts, who know almost every testing softwares like no other. They specialize in QuickTesting Professional and use a number of ways, customizing them and programming them to test every software and application to the core. Our testing experts are some of the hardest men to please, and they test every aspect of any application or software before certifying them.

We at GirnarSoft not only test software or application, we also design, develop and customize testing softwares for a variety of purposes. We have a team of industry experts and respected consultants, who help design these customized testing solutions. We also offer dedicated services from our on-site testing experts for our clients. We have been one of the most respected and fastest growing IT and ITES solution companies, that not only designs and develops some of the most fascinating IT and ITES solutions, but also has a number of other services for the industry. We offer the most comprehensive solutions at the most affordable prices, along with extended support for all our products.

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