Ready Pulse
ReadyPulse is the leader in testimonial marketing, and brings the power of ‘sponsored stories’ to online retailers.

Ready Pulse

Ready Pulse
ReadyPulse may be a revolution in digital promoting. it's the simplest way to use social media photos and videos to drive commerce online. The websites promotes digital marketers to quickly scan complete ambassadors across social media. It runs and promotes marketing campaigns on-demand. ReadyPulse helps in displays licensed and high-quality content website to promote digital marketing experiences. 
GirnarSoft has developed website using Ruby on Rails technology and integrated absolutely robust content management system steam-powered by WordPress and Magento. ReadyPulse provides a true real time and self service capability, from login to content display. The website shows client photos on brand’s product pages in minutes without any further technical help.
The website collects curates and displays a brand’s best client content from social media. The web site follows a proprietary algorithmic program that evaluates the content creator, the content engagement, relevance, then sentiment. There's an additional layer of security for patrons those that wish to stay their data and content personal. 
The website offers promoting solutions in 2 diffrent ways. The primary answer is pulse for e-commerce that enables on-line sellers to capture free SEO for long-tail keywords searches by directly embedding best-performing user-generated content on the searching pages. The second answer is pulse for athletes that facilitate firms track what their athletes area unit golf shot on social media, and the way effective every post is.

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