Skorebase is a comprehensive source for comparing, linking up with, and sponsoring the best action sport athletes that will kick your brand promotion strategies into high gear.



GirnarSoft developed B2B social media web site for our USA based mostly consumer. is that the new commonplace in pursuit and measuring athlete social performance, supported activity and engagement effectiveness inside their social media networks. The website helps you to uncover your sponsored athlete’s social performance on social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The most classes are contestant data, Basic Report, Sponsors and connected Athletes. You’ll be able to see that brands are sponsoring athletes in your target vertical. Athletes will see how their abilities are creating an impression on the general public. Additionally Sponsors will see that what variety of revenue the athletes generate. Other helpful options of this website that profiles may be viewed by-the-month, with personal photos for high, trending, and featured athletes from over a dozen sports. GirnarSoft’s key of client service is seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise with tools and capabilities to support execution and make change happen on a global scale.

Does anyone fathom Exposure-Meter? The Skorebase system uses proprietary technology to rank every contestant across all necessary social media platforms, accounting for factors like total community, fan interaction, and potential reach. Exposure-Meter can eventually embody coverage of digital media, video, and feedback from the in depth Grind Media audience. All in all Skorebase may be a comprehensive supply for comparison, linking up with, and sponsoring the simplest action sport athletes which will kick your complete promotion methods into gear. GirnarSoft takes nice pride and joy being an area of this endeavor as sure technology partner.



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