An Open Source web testing application SoapUI is meant for SOA or service oriented architectures.


An Open Source web testing application SoapUI is meant for SOA or service oriented architectures. The software is available in a number of versions including SoapUI Pro, and a commercial version as well. Functionality of this web testing software includes a number of tests including functional testing, compliance and load testing, with web service inspection, development, invoking, mocking as well as simulation. Licensed under GNU lesser General Public License and free to use, the testing application is built on Java Platform. It also uses Swing for user interface, and can be used cross-platform, while it is also supported by Eclipse, Netbeans and IDEA.

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We at GirnarSoft also offer extensive software and application testing services for onsite assignments. We also offer facilities such as staffing as well as hiring on contract and project based hiring for companies. We also have an expert team for software and application testing services. They use a number of software testing tools, including SoapUI. They also design and develop their own testing softwares or programmes and even customize the tools to test every aspect of any application or software. We also develop and design customized software testing tools to be used across a variety of platforms and extensive testing. We offer all our services for the most competitive prices, and also offer extended technical support.

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