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GirnarSoft is a comprehensive web technology company. We have some of the most artistic designers who design some of the most attractive and elegant web sites.

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Job and career is one of the most important industries in India, as well as across the globe. From sourcing talents, most placement or consultancy firms also undertake staffing and other recruitment solutions. They act as a bridge between job seekers and companies looking for manpower. Some of the companies work on specific domains or a number of domains and have dedicated recruitment professionals and also add some value-added service like background check and primary screening among others. IT and IT related services are presently among the most important technologies in today’s recruitment industry. A comprehensive web site and database not only helps head-hunters have easy access to numerous resumes from aspiring job hunters but proper search engine optimisation and other approaches can also make it popular among aspiring job seekers.

GirnarSoft is a comprehensive web technology company. We are not only one of the leading web designing companies but are also one of the most reputed and trusted companies that provide comprehensive IT and ITES solutions for a variety of domains. We have some of the most artistic designers who design some of the most attractive and elegant web sites. The sites designed, are also extremely user friendly and based on experience and user-defined parameters. We also have a team of extremely talented programmers and coding experts. They understand your needs, including the finer details and develop the database and other search parameters and filters accordingly. All this is to make your search and other uses a cakewalk. Once you use their designs, you will not want to use other sites for sure. We have designed some of the most popular on-line job portals in India and abroad.

At GirnarSoft, we also have a highly talented team of content developers and SEO experts among other resources. We offer comprehensive and complete web solutions for your needs. An attractive site that speaks about your achievements and vision is one of the most important factors to attract both job seekers and companies. Also, a detailed approach to your services and easy-to-use resume uploading formats make them user-friendly. Integrated with a custom designed and thoughtful database, along with search facilities, makes your work easy. We do all that and also add additional filters and other applications for easy use. We also integrate your site in different social media and also optimise them for search engines. Moreover we also integrate and develop mobile apps and mobile web site for easy access through handheld devices. Integrated chat softwares, SMS services and lots more can make your site useful and popular. With us, you can have all solutions for your business and guidance from some of the industry experts also.

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