We offer the most customised solutions for every industry and also a whole range of value-added and complimentary services for your business.


With the development and rapid revolutionising of IT and communication, the world has become a global village. Not only has the world become a smaller place, it has also opened up a lot of business opportunities to the global population. New businesses that involve IT and communication, entertainment, e-commerce, lifestyle, electronics, books and libraries, music, movies has a global audience as well as different ways of churning some top dollars. The prospects of business and more has increased many folds with the development of mobile telephones and internet enabled services on handheld devices. Online bookstores as well as libraries of books, music and movies have become a craze, for online viewing and downloading. New apps for IT and communication industry has also been in huge demand among users also.

GirnarSoft is one of the most comprehensive and complete IT and ITES solutions companies. We not only provide hardware and other support for companies but also provide a host of other ITES services that include webpage and website designing, website hosting, social media integration, mobile application and website development among others. We also have a fantastic content management team as well as a team for highly experienced consultants for every business. One of the most important aspects of GirnarSoft's success has been our in-depth study of the industry, complete understanding of user behaviour and the need of the client as well.

We offer the most customised solutions for every industry and also a whole range of value-added and complimentary services for your business. We offer all these solutions in consultation with some of the industry experts with huge experience. We have experts, talented in web technology, who not only develop and design pages according to your requirements, they can also make them popular and attractive to users as well for a variety of platforms and devices. They also design and develop some of the most useful software and applications. The pages are informative and there are also informative and interactive games, polls and quizzes to keep the users engaged. The pages are also integrated with social media and other related forums for best results. With us, you can be sure of results and much more. We offer your true value for money services.

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