Windows Azure
We design and deploy a variety of cloud services depending on the requirement and also develop scalable mobile apps using Windows Azure services.

Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure was launched on 1st February 2010. As the name indicates, it was created by Microsoft Corp and is popularly known as Windows Azure. It is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure from the software giant and is meant for managing as well as building and deploying applications and services.

This is done by the Windows Azure Platform through a global network of Microsoft managed datacenters and provides both IAAS and PAAS or the ‘Infrastructure As A Service’ and ‘Platform As A Service’ services. It also supports a number of programming languages, frameworks and tools also, which may be third party software and system or Microsoft specific.

We have a long term alliance with Windows and we also have a deep insight of Windows Azure and its road map. We understand Windows Azure platform like no other and offer a bouquet of tools and industry solutions as well as reusable components and accelerators to utilize and improve productivity for the Microsoft Windows Azure products. From advisory and migration to performance engineering, we offer a comprehensive and end-to-end offering on Windows Azure, which also includes Environment Build and Deployment services also.

The Windows Azure platform is the best and easiest option for start-ups and bigger businesses alike. However, the flexibility to get production ready solutions up and running quickly is one of the best and that gives ample time for these businesses to focus on establishing and expanding business. We also offer the coolest, simplest and the comprehensive and powerful web application and services based on the Windows Azure platform.

The Microsoft Windows Azure allows scalable services for applications and web elements and by using globally present datacenters, it is possible to deploy applications close to your users or customers. Using Windows Azure, we test and develop applications faster and also deploy using cloud services or on premises.

We design and deploy a variety of cloud services depending on the requirement and also develop scalable mobile apps using Windows Azure services. We offer a whole bundle of web and IT related services for all. We offer technical support and services at the most affordable rates.

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